Fears UK road safety will be under threat from 60-tonne trucks have been voiced by a Wirral MEP.

UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall is concerned 82ft-long "mega-trucks" could become a reality on British roads as a result of a proposed revision of European weights and dimensions regulations.

Mr Nuttall said the move could pave the way for free movement of the wagons "by default" across the whole of the Continent, despite the Coalition Government's pledge not to allow such vehicles to travel on British roads.

He said: “The Government will come under huge pressure from the road haulage industry to allow these trucks on competition grounds.

"A case of mega-trucks through the back door.

"Already some MEPs on the European transport committee are calling for border restrictions to be lifted altogether to allow such huge vehicles to travel across the EU.

“Mega trucks will result in more fatalities, more pollution, more road wear and more congestion on British roads."

Mr Nuttall said European Commission research has indicated mega-trucks are individually more dangerous that standard HGVs because of their size and scale.

“I am totally opposed to these vehicles being allowed on UK roads. More freight should instead be sent by rail," he said.

“Eurocrats, who are pushing for this change without proper evaluation, admit such trucks are dangerous particularly for pedestrians and cyclists."