CELEBRITY psychic Derek Acorah will invite the audience to share their spiritual experiences with him during a charity show in Wirral next month.

The 63-year-old - who achieved international fame after appearing on TV’s Most Haunted - is at New Brighton Cricket & Bowling Club in Rake Lane, Wallasey on Wednesday, May 1. Proceeds will go towards the development of junior sports at the venue.

The Liverpool-born entertainer had his first supernatural experience aged six, when the spirit of his late grandfather visited him. He told his grandmother about it and found out that she was also a medium.

Before starting his psychic career, Derek played football with Liverpool Football Club and the then premier Australian team USC Lion. But his promising career was cut short by injury and he returned to his home city of Liverpool.

He attempted to find a suitable niche in life but was never settled. His psychic powers were always with him and after a while he became a full-time spirit medium.

His popularity grew and he became resident medium for Living TV's – 'Most Haunted', in which he was seen investigating haunted properties.

Asked about the general reaction to psychics and his stage shows, the Southport-based entertainer said recently: "I see very little scepticism when I do the shows, in fact people are very open to what I tell them.

"My advice to anyone who has never been to a psychic show and is sceptical, is 'look if you know nothing about it' come along and see what you think."

Prior to working for Living TV, Derek appeared regularly on Granada Breeze where his skill as a Clairaudient made him a huge hit.

It resulted in the station being inundated with calls, something that also happens on his regular broadcasts on The James Whale Radio Show on TalkSport.

There have subsequently been numerous live programmes, which have seen audiences reach in excess of two million.

His personal popularity rose to such an extent that he moved on from 'Most Haunted' and had his own show on Living TV, Derek Acorah’s Ghost Towns the first series of which begun broadcast in November 2005, with series two and three airing in 2006.

In September 2004, his book ‘The psychic adventures of Derek Acorah’ was released and spent 14 weeks in The Sunday Times Best Sellers list.

Tickets for Derek’s show at New Brighton Cricket & Bowling Club, which starts at 7.30pm, are from Tickets are only £20 and available on 07812 540982.