A WIRRAL community is demanding action to relieve the cul-de-sac chaos created by drivers causing a traffic log-jam as they drop off and pick up their children attending a nearby school.

Residents of Walker’s Croft in Wallasey Village have called on Wirral Council to ease their daily nightmare and stop parents parking on pavements and preventing householders from parking outside their own homes.

Their petition complains that drivers reverse off pavements while children try to cross the road; and that selfish parking makes the road inaccessible to emergency vehicles.

Keith Phillips, a traffic officer with the Highways Agency, said: "It is only a matter of time before someone is run over.

"The principal issue is safety. At school run times the situation at the bottom of our  short cul-de-sac is pretty demented.

"A lot of parents are continually crossing the bottom of the road and with cars parked right up to the junction it makes for an extremely dangerous situation.”

Mr Phillips, 54, went on: "There seems to be a complete lack of consideration for anyone who lives in the road.

"We used to have an elderly couple living next door and whenever they approached drivers to ask them to move on they always got a mouthful of abuse.

"With it being a narrow cul-d-sac it makes it very difficult just to get to you own house. Very rarely have I received a civil reply from the parents – it’s aS though road rage sets in."

Mr Phillips, who has lived in Walker’s Croft since 2001, insisted: "It just can't go on like this.  We need 'residents only' parking."

Local councillor Lesley Rennie said the school involved – St George's Primary – was one of the biggest in the country which brought inherent problems.

"We have had many meetings and correspondence with the school about the issue of irresponsible parking by parents," she said.

"Letters have been sent out to parents, but is it is something that has never been fully resolved.

"I support the parents in their campaign and once we get official notice of the petition I will ask officers to do a full survey, not only for the residents, but for the safety of pupils as well.

"Parents are putting children in danger through irresponsible parking but people don’t seems to be getting the message."