WIRRAL trade unionists are leading a campaign against a right-wing party fielding a candidate in an upcoming local by-election.

Merseyside Coalition Against Racism and Fascism and Wirral TUC are uniting against the English Democrats when the ballot for Pensby and Thingwall ward takes place later this month.

They believe the election of English Democrat candidate Neil Kenny would be “damaging” to Wirral.

Alec McFadden from Wirral TUC said: “This party is neither English nor democratic and they have a violent past.

“We believe they are openly racist and are against gay and lesbian people.

“We will be putting out leaflets and canvassing to let people know about the party, regardless of their existing political beliefs.

“If this candidate was elected, it would have a similar effect as Nick Griffin from the BNP being an MEP for the North West.

“It would damage our reputation greatly at a time when things are already bad with poverty, unemployment and benefit cuts.”

According to their website, English Democrats believe in “standing up for what made England great” and that English residents should not be treated as “second class citizens.”

The website says the party wants the repeal of the Human Rights Act and the withdrawal of the UK from the European Convention on Human Rights.

It claims: “Both of these flawed items of legislation have perversely assisted criminals while offering little of substance to the law-abiding population”.

It also advocates “punitive fining and possible withdrawal of trading rights of companies, company directors and other employers who employ illegal immigrants.”

Immigrants convicted of crimes should be deported, it says.

The Globe has contacted the North West offices of the English Democrats and a response is expected shortly.

Other candidates standing in the by-election, which takes place on February 28, are: Phillip Brightmore for Labour and the Co-operative Party; Allen Burton for The Green Party; Sheila Clarke for Conservatives; Damien Cummins for Liberal Democrats; and Jan Davison for UKIP.

The by-election was triggered by the resignation of Conservative ward Cllr Don McCubbin.