8am, MONDAY, JANUARY 21: Wirral Council has announced that due to the continuing bad weather some schools may not reopen today and parents are advised to check schools' websites this morning for details.

The Globe will update this article as and when information becomes available.

So far, the following schools will be closed today:

Foxfield School, Moreton
Kingsway Primary School, Wallasey
Stanley School, Thingwall

The following schools will be closing early:

Elleray Park School, Wallasey (closing at 1.30pm)

Hillside Primary School, Prenton (closing at 1.30pm)

Observatory School, Bidston, (closing at lunchtime)


Parents are advised to check individual schools' websites for information.

The Met Office has advised that Merseyside is set to experience sub-zero temperatures over the next few days which could result in hazardous roads for drivers and pedestrians.

Police are warning people to drive with “extreme caution” and to leave room between them and the car in front.

Sergeant Paul Mountford said: "I would urge motorists to use their common sense as they make their way out in the morning. Motorists should reduce their speed to ensure they drive safely in these conditions.

"It can take 10 times longer to stop on an icy road than on a dry road, so people need to keep this in mind.

"Drivers should leave plenty of room between them and the car in front, drive slower than usual and use their gears to slow down where possible rather than their brakes, pay attention to the road traffic signs on the motorways and listen to local radio stations for regular traffic updates.

"I would also like to remind pedestrians that many footpaths will be very icy and so great care should be taken when out and about.

"While this cold weather continues we would also urge people to check on the welfare of family, friends and neighbours, particularly those that are vulnerable or elderly."

Police have issued the following advice: Before starting your journey fully defrost and clear the car windscreen and windows - do not leave the car unattended while you do this and do not leave the keys in the ignition if your are physically scraping the windows of ice.

Ensure the screen wash is topped up, isn't frozen and the windscreen wipers and tyres are in good condition.

Leave more time for your journey. Drive slowly and carefully to take account of the icy conditions, leaving a good distance between your car and any vehicles in front of you.

To brake on ice or snow without locking your wheels, get into a low gear earlier than normal, allow your speed to fall and use the brake pedal gently.