WIRRAL householders have relaunched their fight to prevent a stretch of green belt land from being used for development.

More than 500 people signed a petition last November to stop plans to build a new stable block and car park on land at Hillbark Road in Frankby.

The application was later withdrawn but has now been altered and re-submitted to Wirral Council.

The revised scheme, which would be for the private use of two local families and their friends, has seen a reduction in the number of proposed stables from 14 down to eight.

Car parking space has also been condensed while the field’s entrance gate would be enlarged to step up visibility for drivers.

But nearby householders still oppose the plans and are concerned about the affect the scheme could have on the local area.

They believe access through a lane called “The Nook” will create problems for residents and lead to traffic hazards.

Protestor Sheila Shone said: “The main reason for our opposition to these plans is obviously the matter of building on green belt land. But we are also worried about the applicants wanting to use this lane for access to the stables.

“The Nook is not a proper road and is not wide enough – this has not been thought through properly.”

According to planning documents, both families have a “keen interest” in horse riding and they are looking to provide a safe environment where their children can spend their free time.

The application states although they had initially hoped for an extra six stables, they have taken views of residents and planning officers into account and have amended the original proposals.

Agents CW Jones said: “The Nook and Hillbark Road are equally available to gain access to the land and always have been. The applicants have taken on board the neighbours’ concerns including highway issues and the number of stables.”