WIRRAL residents hoping to make their road safer with a special mirror are set to have their request refused.

Thirty householders from Frankby have signed a petition calling on Wirral Council to install a ‘blindspot’ mirror on the corner of Hillbark Road and Ferndale Avenue.

They believe visibility is restricted as vehicles approach the give way priority junction and that steps need to be taken to improve safety.

Following residents’ concerns, National Speed Limit of 60mph on Hillbark Road was reduced to 30mph in 2009 but officers have recommended that no action is taken to fit the mirror.

According to the report, which will go before the highways and traffic representation panel on January 21, there is “no evidence to suggest that mirrors make a positive contribution to road safety.”

Among the safety reasons for refusing the mirror were the potential distortion of the reflected image, glare from sunlight or headlamps and “ineffectiveness” during bad weather.

Officers highlighted the problem of high maintenance levels to keep the mirror clean and free from obstruction.

The report also states that the location has a “very good” accident record.