A WIRRAL mum whose two sons are deaf has put pen to paper to lend a hand to other parents in similar situations.

Tamsin Coates, from Wallasey, is set to release her first book Meanwhile I Keep Dancing which charts her family’s ups and downs as they come to terms with having two deaf children.

The 36-year-old wanted to be a source of comfort to other parents who feel they have no-one to turn to following a diagnosis.

Tamsin was told that her sons, Cameron, 11, and Campbell, 10, were deaf soon after they were born but she says that at the time, there was little support and advice available.

But she hopes the book, which is on sale from January 24, will educate more people on the hurdles and everyday struggles profoundly deaf children face.

Tamsin, who is chairwoman of the Wirral Deaf Children’s Society (WDCS), said: “With the boys being born so close together, it was definitely a struggle as I had two children under two who were both deaf.

“It was overwhelming and I did feel like I was the only one going through it at times.

"When we discovered Campbell was also deaf, there were mixed emotions as I felt they would have each other to help them cope and they would know exactly what the other was going through.

“But then there was also a great sense of guilt that came with knowing they were both deaf.”

Cameron and Campbell have pendred syndrome which is a genetic disorder leading to hearing loss and with no specific treatment.

However, Tamsin’s book also documents funny moments and practical advice as well as the obstacles she faced when deciding to have her sons fitted with cochlear implants.

Tamsin, who is also mother to three-year-old Emma, added: “I just want parents of deaf children to know that they are not alone and that there are places to get support and to have a chat.

"The book is all about realising that life is not always as you expect it to be but you have to get up and carry on.”

Meanwhile I Keep Dancing is on sale for £14.99 via www.actiondeafnessbooks.org.uk. To find out more about the WDCS, contact Tamsin on 07737 013 718.