A BRAVE animal care worker gave himself a 'dog's life' to raise more than £11,000 for the RSPCA.

Simon Weston, from Eastham, lived in a kennel round the clock for a whole week in a bid to save Wallasey’s RSPCA animal centre from closure.

The animal care assistant stayed out in the cold with only Jack Russell, Millie, and his mobile phone for company.

The 28-year-old's fundraising stunt came as the charity faced a major funding crisis after cases of animal cruelty and neglect reached "unprecedented levels," with the kennels at the Cross Lane-based centre under threat of closure.

And Simon, who took part in the challenge from November 25 – December 2, said he was "overwhelmed" by the public's support.

He said: "It was very tough and by the Thursday I was ready to call it quits and walk away but it was the amazing support from the public that kept me going.

"I couldn’t sleep because it was so cold so I was really tired and quite moody at times.

"But people were coming into the centre every day to see me and I also got loads of messages of support on Facebook which kept my spirits up.

"When I initially came up with the idea to do this, I thought I could raise around £5,000 if I was lucky but to pull in £11,300 is just incredible."

The cash will now go towards helping to keep the Wallasey kennels open and there are plans to do another major fundraiser next year.

Simon added: "I don't think I will ever do it again simply because it was so horrendous.

"But we are starting to think of ways that we can generate similar interest next year and we are encouraging people to get involved in any way they can."

To find out how to set up a regular payment to the centre or to sponsor Simon, call 0151 638 6318.