WITH a Mercury Music Prize nomination and six critically-acclaimed albums to their name, Wirral’s The Coral did more than their bit to put their hometown on the map.

And after a decade of churning out hit records and touring alongside the likes of The Arctic Monkeys, drummer Ian Skelly has taken the plunge to go it alone.

Describing his sound as a "painting of music," Ian has spent the last two years writing and recording to perfect his first solo album 'Cut From a Star.'

And the 30-year-old drummer said The Coral fans will not be left disappointed as his tracks show off the band’s signature psychedelic style.

He said: "The album just happened, really – it wasn't like I sat down and thought 'I must make an album' but it was more of a gradual thing.

"I would stay behind after The Coral rehearsals and start putting stuff together.

"In the end I had about 35 songs to choose from so it was just a case of seeing which ones flowed well together and went with the overall mood.

"I would say Cut From a Star is probably more Coral than the The Coral because I’ve kept to similar sounds and it’s pretty cosmic."

The Coral first shot to fame in 2002 when their debut self-titled album charted at number five and was shortlisted for a Mercury Music Prize just one after it was released.

The following 10 years saw the five-piece – previously a six-piece – swept up in a string of hit albums, tours and even a one-off performance with Noel Gallagher.

But Ian said that after spending so long together, it was time for the band to take a break and concentrate on their individual projects.

He said: "It's certainly different putting music together on my own compared to with the others because there’s only myself to argue with!

"But I have worked with our James (Skelly, The Coral frontman) as well as Paul (Duffy), Nick (Power) and Lee (Southall) because it’s better sometimes to bounce off other people.

"At the moment we’re all working on our own stuff so we’ll probably come back and see where we are the year after next.

"I think we needed this time apart as a band to be creative because we’ve been together almost every day since we were about 13 and it became a bit stale.

"We still see each other all the time but this time will be good for the music."

Ian Skelly's album 'Cut From a Star' is out now.