VOLUNTEERS from a Wirral foodbank have celebrated feeding almost 4,000 people since the centre opened its doors a year ago.

Supporters and volunteers of the church and community project, including mayor Gerry Ellis, gathered to celebrate its first anniversary with front line agencies in the area, which refer people who are struggling to feed their families.

The project is supported by housing landlord Riverside, which has donated £3,400 towards the project which has given 32 tons of food to people in financial crisis.

All the major supermarkets in Wirral support the Bank, allowing collections at their stores, where shoppers are happy to donate a few items from their weekly shopping trolley to help their community.

Jayne Branch-Murray, community engagement officer for Riverside and a Food Bank volunteer, said: "The people of Wirral are really generous because they know the food is staying local and helping people in their own community.

"Some have commented that they’re aware that it could easily be them that need help.

"Others say they wish the Food Bank had been there to help them in their time of need."

The Food Bank has 80 volunteers working in various roles to pack and deliver food parcels for the charity.

Jayne Branch-Murray added: "As the welfare reforms begin to bite we see many more people struggling to acquire the basic necessities of life, food being one.

"We're already seeing people who have had their benefits stopped or delayed and have had to come to us as they hit a crisis point in their lives.”
Jayne Branch-Murray (front right) joins supporters and volunteers at the Foodbank in Birkenhead for a first year celebration.