A Serious Case Review has been launched following the murder of Wirral teenager Hannah Windsor.

Seventeen-year-old Hannah suffered a horrific death after being tied to a tree and brutally torture by her boyfriend.

Her attacker, Adam Lewis, also seriously sexually assaulted her during her ordeal at Bidston Hill in May, a court heard on Monday.

He pleaded guilty to murder, two charges of assault by penetration, burglary, and arson. He denied two charges of rape.

Hannah was known to a local organisations and had been staying at a hostel for young homesless adults after “difficulties in her life.”

And now Wirral’s Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (LSCB) have pledged to find out whether "lessons can be learned" from the tragedy.

Denis Charlton, chairman of the LSCB, said: “Hannah’s death has affected many members of the community, including those who did not know her, and we would like to express our sympathies to her family and friends for the loss of Hannah in such tragic circumstances.

“As Hannah was known to a number of local agencies and organisations, Wirral LSCB has begun a Serious Case Review.

"This will examine how agencies worked with Hannah and her family in order to determine whether there are lessons to be learned from that involvement that may help to improve agencies’ response in the future. The review will be published when it is concluded in early 2013.

“Wirral LSCB is also carrying out a multi-agency critical case review which will examine the conduct of the agencies that had contact with the defendant in this case to determine whether there are any lessons to be learned.

“In concluding this statement, we would like once again to extend our deepest sympathies to Hannah’s family and friends.”