Cuvee Chasseur Rouge 2010, £4.29, Waitrose

The enormous tax take means it's now pretty rare to find any wine for under a fiver – and discovering anything drinkable is even harder, writes Nick Nunn.

Here's one though and it's nearer to £4 than £5.

It's French, uncomplicated but has a cherry tastiness that makes it pretty versatile. Chasseur means hunter but you won't have to search any further than Waitrose for an excellently-priced, 12% red.

Cuvee De Richard Rose 2010, £4.99, Majestic

Here's another wine that will give you change from a £5 note although at Majestic you will have to buy six bottles.

This one alone though is worth investing in half a dozen times! Again it is French, from the Pays d'Herault down in the south, and a Rose which is crisp, light and has hints of violets. Ensure it is chilled and the berry flavours make a great summer drink.

Whoever Richard may be he certainly knows how to produce a bargain.