Globe columnist Peter Grant caught up with Nasher from Frankie Goes to Hollywood ahead of his solo gig at the Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room.

THERE's going to a little bit of Frankie and a lot more of Nasher when one of Liverpool’s famous singer-songwriters comes home on a working visit.

Brian Nash, who enjoyed what he calls 'a four-year party around the world' as guitarist with Frankie Goes To Hollywood has released his third solo album.

Nasher has supported numerous Wirral Globe awards ceremonies in the past with his stunning rendition of the Power of Love and post Frankie compositions.

Now fans can expect a 'full out' solo concert at the Philharmonic’s Music Room on November 2.

"I will be playing acoustic versions of songs I have written over the last twenty years and some from the last 20 days," he adds, with a laugh: "All liberally sprinkled with stories and banter and stirred until light and frothy." 

There will be plenty of songs from his third solo album 4-3-2-1 Open The Vein which has received five star reviews.

Taking a break from rehearsals to talk to the Globe, London-based Brian says: "Every musician loves praise - be it from a journalist, punters or fellow musicians, but let's face it, everyone likes to be told they are doing a good job, don't they?"

One reviewer said it sounded like: "Sgt Pepper Volume 2 mixed with The Hollies - if Graham Nash hadn't left." 

"I spent a long time making this record so it is great to know that people are digging it and they want to share with other people how much they are digging it." 

Nasher is already planning 2018.

He said: "I will be playing more and starting another record it is tentatively called Guitar.

"I was thinking of doing ten tracks featuring some of the great guitarists I have known over the years but we will see how that pans out.

"I can reach out to these people and see what comes back." 

One of his new songs refers to a certain politician in Prostitutes and Cocaine and he has recorded a special video which can been see on YouTube to accompany it, playing a drug-raddled newsreader.

It was filmed by a close pal from his Liverpool's Bridewell days where the Frankies used to practice before fame arrived in the shape of three number one singles, four other top 30 hits, best-selling albums and sell-out tours.

Nasher has written his critically-acclaimed autobiography Nasher Says Relax (now also an audio book) and dedicates his album 4-3-2-1 - Open The Vein to the "truth seekers, the fearless, the fighters and the survivors." 

A staunch LFC fan he has great respect for the ongoing Hillsborough Justice for the 96 Campaign.

His lyrics certainly give an insight into what Nasher, 54, calls his 'window on the world.' 

"I did a song the day after the Brexit vote called Middle of the Piggy which was a swipe at the disappearing act that David Cameron did after the result came out.

"I don't have any plans to write a song about Trump. I don't honestly know if he is a genius or an idiot.

"I guess the truth might be somewhere in the middle." 

Frankie were regulars on Top of the Pops but Nasher says he is realistic about the show's chance of a revival as recently rumoured.

"It could only ever be introduced on-line so young people can fast forward and watch it in five minutes.

"They don't seem to have the patience to absorb music the way that I used to.

"Life is so fast that consumption of everything has to be edited and speeded up.

"People are impatient and are not prepared to endure something that doesn't grab them in the first five seconds.

"I think the pop music of the future will definitely be thirty seconds long and perfect for commercials.

"TOTP has had its day and is always there if we want to go and have a nostalgic cuddle with the idols of our youth." 

For now, Nasher is firmly going out to enjoy himself and play his songs to those people who want to hear him and he has this message for fans going to his gig.

"You are in safe hands. I have done this before ..." 

Tickets for An Evening with Nasher at the Liverpool Phiharmonic Music Room on November 2, are from the box office on 0151 709 3789.