ANY performer with a back catalogue of classics to dip into is bound to look happy on stage.

And this is just how the front man of The Moody Blues on his Wind of Heaven tour appeared throughout a stunning 100-minute set.

Justin appeared at the start to introduce support act, the multi-talented guitarist Mike Dawes, who can turn a 12-string guitar into an on stage band.

His dexterity is evident on the intricate Boogie Shred and new release, Slow dancing in a burning room.

Mike, who starts his own headlining tour in February in Liverpool, has real stage presence and clearly Justin, who stands in the wings most nights listening to him, is a big fan.

Another 'star' of this warm and polished concert was the 'acoustics' of the Hall itself.

Performers of the calibre of Don McLean and Steve Harley also love to play the Phil.

Justin was at home in the ideal surroundings where his idol Buddy Holly once played.

He has a huge audience fan base, many of whom stood up to applaud after various classics.

Justin is augmented during this tour by Mike and the keyboard wizard Julie Ragins – herself a recording star.

They make a formidable team.

It was a feel good show in every sense of the word.

Moodies numbers throughout including Tuesday Afternoon, Question, Nights in White Satin and songs from his latest double album All the Way.

He introduced songs with tales of his illustrious career such as the funny quip "I remember the 60s. I was there I know – I've seen the photos and I'm in them." 

Justin talked about his childhood in Swindon and painted pictures in words and music through his songs such as The Western Sky.

His distinctive voice is a soaring and melodic as ever as he switched instruments saying with a wide smile "you can't have too many guitars." 

The cover version of the Clifford T Ward classic The Best is Yet to Come was a magical highlight.

A simple mood-enhancing sunset backdrop was the ideal setting for the songs that never fail to hit the heart-strings from Your Blue Eyes to Never Comes the Day and One Day, Some Day.

Justin Hayward enjoys the bests of both worlds. 

He tours with the Moodies and clearly relishes these intimate solo acoustic evenings.

A standing ovation summed up this masterclass from one of the great guitarists and singer-songwriters of our time.

Forever Hayward.

Five stars