LIVERPOOL theatre company Teatro Pomodoro are set to bring their 'Cabaret From The Shadows' back home for a one-night-only special performance.

Fresh from a Brighton Fringe Festival performance the group will head to the Unity Theatre as part of The Liverpool Comedy Festival on September 20.

The group fought off stiff competition to win the Nordic Fringe Network Award, with performances in Brighton earning them standing ovations and an all expenses trip to Scandinavia to perform the show at the Nordic Fringe.

Cabaret From The Shadows has been developed entirely in Liverpool receiving support by the Lantern Theatre, the Unity Theatre, Merseyside Arts Foundation, Hope Street Limited, Physical Fest and the Arts Council England.

It is a fresh and shameless show with an eclectic mix of theatre, dark comedy and live music.

The company is made up of performers from across the globe, with Carmen Arquelladas from Spain, Duncan Cameron from Canada, Miwa Nagai from Japan, Simone Tani from Italy and Huyton-born Leebo Luby representing Liverpool and UK in the collective. 

Cabaret From The Shadows will also be performed at St. Mary's Creative Space in Chester on November 3.

Tickets for the Liverpool show can be found here